Wilberry Dolls Fairy Blonde Hair:

Soft and floaty, the Wilberry Dolls Fairy Blonde Hair doll flutters gently into the store. Wearing a super shiny crown to match her beautiful wings, she just can’t wait to play!

Fairy Blonde Hair doll is wearing a soft white net skirt over her white and grey striped body. She has shiny silver wings and shoes with a matching shiny silver crown perched on her neatly fastened blonde hair. What will your next adventure together be?

Playing with dolls is a wonderful way to encourage a sense of companionship, and helps to develop language, social and empathy skills as young children play.

The Wilberry Toys collection is designed to create wonderful and unique soft toys that are sure to become your new favourites. With a plentiful array of different fabric and colours, there’s something to suit everyone! Some are very naturalistic whilst others are bright and funky! All are full of character and made with love. All Wilberry Toys carry both the “CE” and the “Lion” safety marks. They are all suitable from 12 months+ with some suitable from birth. We simply love their delightful designs and gorgeous fabrics.

Dimensions: 32cm x 18cm x 9cm

Recommended age from Birth+

Educational Benefits:


Language Development

Social and empathy

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