Pickle Snapper Bird Hand Puppet:

The bright and snazzy Pickle Snapper Bird Hand Puppet from the Puppet Company is ready and waiting to play! This colourful exotic, bird-like creature has fantastic mouth movement with a large opening beak. Fits both an adult and child’s hand size and easy to use and manipulate. Each one is fitted with an air-filled squeaker to give them an expressive and distinctive voice!

Pickle is one of The Puppet Company’s “Snapper” designs. Based on the world’s most exotic birds with a touch of inspiration from Venetian masks added into the mix. The bold colours and patterns are simply stunning!

The Puppet Company are simply an Olive Branch favourite. We love the fine quality of the materials they use and the careful attention to detail. The Puppet Company produces a wide range of puppets in all sorts of sizes from finger puppets to full-body puppets and a vast variety of colours, textures and themes. There’s something for everyone! Perfect for inspiring imaginative and creative play, the development of language and the practise of social skills, these puppets will keep everyone entertained!

Recommended for ages 18+ months

Height: 40cm x Width:15cm x Length:14cm

Educational Benefits:

Imaginative play

Role-play skills

Story-telling skills

Language, social and empathy

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