Kite Flyer Finn Lottie Doll:

It’s the annual Branksea Kite Festival and Kite Flyer Finn Lottie Doll is excited about flying his own kite, and seeing how high it can soar! It is a clear, beautiful day with just the right amount of breeze, so all Finn has to worry about now is making sure his kite avoids the trees!

This playset includes cargo shorts, a star-themed long sleeve t-shirt, a puffer gilet, trainers and a diamond shaped kite.

Lottie Dolls were created with the aim of inspiring children to be themselves, to play imaginatively and adventurously and most importantly, to have fun! They aim to celebrate childhood and children. They aim to encourage all children to follow their dreams. And most importantly, they aim to encourage fun and imaginative play that will be the stuff of childhood memories for years to come. First launched in 2013, Lottie Dolls continue to win numerous international toy awards and inspire creative play and companionship for children the world over.

Doll height 18cm.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Recommended age 3+ years.


Cargo shorts

Star themed long sleeve t-shirt

A puffer gilet


Diamond shaped kite

Educational Benefits:


World awareness

Social and empathy

Imaginative play

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