Asmodee Dobble Card Game:

Asmodee Dobble Card Game is the award-winning visual perception card game for 2-8 players aged 6 and above that can be played by anyone, regardless of age and interests.

In Dobble, players compete with each other to find the one matching symbol between two cards. Every card is unique and has only one symbol in common with any other in the deck. The match can be difficult to spot as the size and positioning of the symbols can vary on each card. Once a player finds the match, they shout it out before the other players and either take the card or place it somewhere else, depending on which of the five mini-games they are playing.

Players must have a keen eye and lightning reactions in order to be the first to spot the matching symbol. Dobble can be played by up to eight players, meaning that gameplay is always fast, hilarious and above all ridiculously fun! The deck of cards is protected inside a small circular tin to keep them safe and make Dobble the perfect travel game you can take anywhere.

Asmodee UK have over 30 years of experience in distributing games, collectibles and toys both across the UK and Europe. With a keen eye for an exciting game or beginning a new series of collectible toys, they provide a fantastic range of brilliant and fun products.

Recommended age 6+ years.

Educational Benefits:

Observational skills

Matching skills

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